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his is a open group unmoderated. But that dose not mean you can bash or flame members of this list. This list is for all those Interested in the Savannah Scene feel free to post your set list music reviews promot your band show updates art gallery shows, and so on try to keep all show anouncments to the local area. please.

126: 1980s, 45 grave, 4ad, alcohol, alice cooper, alien sex fiend, anti-hottopic, anti-nazi, apoctoliptic-folk, astrovamps, batcave, bauhaus, beggars banquet, blue blood magazine, body modification, body piercings, carpe mortem records, carpe noctem magazine, christian death, cigarettes, clubs, coldwave, cult movies, danse society, darkwave, david bowie, dead kennedys, death, death cult, death in june, death rock, deathrock, deathrock.com, djing, ebm, electronica, etherial, eva o, experemental, fear cult, fields of the nephilim, folk-electronica, frankenstein, freaks, future-pop, gene loves jezebel, ghastly magazine, ghost dance, gitane demone, gloom and doom, good beer, goth, goth fashions, gothabilly, gothic rock, halloween, hearses, hollywood, horror movies, horror show, industrial, junk art, live bands, march violets, music, neo-classical, neo-folk, neo-industrial, new grave magazine, new model army, noise, peter murphy, phantom limbs, piercings, play dead, premature ejaculation, propaganda magazine, psychobilly, punk, punk rock, red lorry yellow lorry, release the bats, renfairs, rennisance, retail slut, rozz williams, scarehead, screamin' jay hawkins, sex gang children, shadow project, siouxie and the banshees, skeletal family, southern death cult, specimen, sub-cultures, super heroines, swords, synth-pop, tattoos, thanatology, the addams family, the birthday party, the bomboras, the brickbats, the brides, the cramps, the damned, the deep eynde, the germs, the ghastly ones, the memphis morticians, the mission, the munsters, the nuns, theatre of hate, tones on tail, universal monsters, victorian, vincent price, virgin prunes, x-mal deutschland, zombie movies, zombie-a-go-go record