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heh. [Feb. 6th, 2004|09:08 am]
Hey peoples, I'm new.
Well.. here goes.
I got sick and tired of friendster.. and facethejury.. getting sick and tired of myspace.. already ditched thedilly.com
There is a new website out there though.. Appealing to the sort of people who would be in this livejournal community.
It's called FETISCH.
It's not for just your random everyday nobody..
It's for people with this community's tastes.
On this site you can meet interesting and beautiful people.
with boxes like "piercings" and "tattoos" to check off..
This site is for freaks, goths, punks, rivetheads, metal heads, cyber-people, industrial people, or for those of us who might fit among one of these but don't believe in labels.

Now the website:


Once you visit the website, at the bottom of the page mentioned above, fill out your info. Where it says "referral code" please enter the number 146

So spread the word, the website and the referral code 146. Tell your friends and people you know.

Thank you.

From: dj_kreepy_v
2004-02-15 06:03 pm (UTC)

RE: heh

Ok will do
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