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october setlist - "tenth month" [Oct. 30th, 2004|05:41 pm]


[music |gira la cote, gira, gira!]

deireadh fómhair

daau - broken
the tear garden - the center bullet
joy division - i remember nothing
razed in black - whipped
shriekback - here comes my handclap
greenday - tired of waiting
they might be giants - out of jail
pop will eat itself - eat me, drink me, love me, kill me
jenn london - crazy thoughts
the tear garden - in search of my rose
james - out to get you
james - one of the three
pop will eat itself - not now - we're busy
jackal lantern - m*th*rf*ck*rs
chemlab - codiene, glue & you
the cassandra complex - the war against sleep
jackal lantern - tin soldier
rasputina - rusty the skatemaker
daau - dip 'n dodge
black tape for a blue girl - remnants of a deeper purity
shriekback - faded flowers
vangelis - blush response

[User Picture]From: la_truffina
2006-03-20 10:13 pm (UTC)


WOOOOOW!Good links!Thank you!
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[User Picture]From: ptpenguino
2006-03-20 11:24 pm (UTC)

Re: Thanx

I try to link to artists whenever possible... check out my other lists.
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