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CD Release Party [Feb. 15th, 2004|09:05 pm]

Febuary 18th 2004

Illuminati presents a CD Release Party
Butterfly Messiah

promotional giveaways provided courtesy
The Fossil Dungeon


Venus de Milo

38 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard

(between Broughton and Congress streets)

Butterfly Messiah
"It's Time, a ready made club hit with multi-layered percussion, precision keyboards, and mesmerizing female vocals." "a beautiful example of classic darkwave, containing a melodic ethereal element with with a dark infusion of machine and pestilence"

Grave Concerns Web Zine

"Every track stands alone as potentionally the next hallowed favorite"5/5

Gothic Beauty Magazine

"While the darkwave genre seems to be eclipsed by uptempo and light hearted synthpop, which is designed to fill the dance floors rather spook the mind. Butterfly Messiah manages to brilliantly utilize the machinery of synthpop and the fleeting spirit of classic darkwave"
Starvox webzine


The anticipated sophomore album from Florida's Butterfly Messiah, "Eternal," evidences the bands' growth into a more mature outfit composing captivating and memorable songs that will touch the heart of fans and the uninitiated alike. "Eternal" fuses mesmerizing synthpop-dance and heavenly voices with elements of wave, neo-classical / medieval, trip hop, electro / EBM, and ambient themes engaged in the elegant style and substance that sets Butterfly Messiah apart from all other electronic artists. A magical album that is certain to move the spirit to new heights! Presented in a lavish black and white multi-panel digipak with silver ink and an extensive booklet of lyrics and band photographs

The Fossil Dungeon

Specializing in Unique Quality CDs, CDRs, & Vinyl for Ethereal, Medieval, Industrial, and Ambient Artist.

Club Illminati.